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ZION CLARK Featured in Call of Duty, Astonishing Athelete (2021)

Zion Clark in Call of Duty

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Call of Duty is no stranger to bringing in celebrities and well known people to help work on their popular series. Coming in Season 6 of Call of Duty: Warzone & Black Ops Cold War we will be seeing some work from ZION CLARK.

People familiar with the Call of Duty series might know that multiple high profile celebrities have been able to work on the series along the years, among those people are Jeff Goldblum, Ice Cube, Michael Keaton and even Jimmy Kimmel.

After reading some of the big names that have helped create or were featured inside of Call of Duty, you may be wondering if any celebrities you enjoy watching have done anything, If so you can check a list out HERE.

The latest celebrity to come to the Call of Duty series is a well know athlete and mo-cap artist ZION CLARK, although you may not recognize him when you are able to see what he helped make in the game.

Zion Clark Backstory

Zion Clark’s Background

Zion Clark has accomplished a lot, Division I wrestler, professional 100-meter track athlete, Guinness World Record holder, motivational speaker and author. With all these things that Zion Clark has accomplished it didn’t come easy.

Born in Columbus, OH in 1997, Zion Clark was born with Caudal Regression Syndrome, this condition effects the development of the lower half of his body. Shortly thereafter, he was thrust into foster care. He’s quoted by saying “I went thru the first 17 years of my life in foster care”, “Severely mistreated, bounding around nine homes”

Clark says that he started wrestling when he was seven years old, Clark finished his senior year of high school with a record of 33-15. He goes on to improve his wrestling skills at Kent State University, where he eventually accomplishes his goals he set out for himself.

Zion Clark in Call of Duty

How & What Drives Zion Clark

With all the things that Zion Clark has accomplished with all the limitations that life throws at him, you may be wondering how and what drives him to to keep pushing. Here are some notable things that has said during his interview with Treyarch.

  • Get an early start to the day
  • Remember what you’re grateful for
  • Work hard & Believe in yourself
  • Having a support system


Necro Queen Operator Bundle

Where to Find Zion Clark in Game

What most people are probably trying to figure out is, where can I find Zion Clark inside of the Call of Duty Series? Like we covered earlier in the article you wont be able to look at what he worked on and say “Hey that’s Zion Clark in the game.”, this is because he worked on the animations for a Zombie Crawler animation.

To capture the aggressive, forceful movements of a killer zombie, Treyarch Studios brought Clark in for motion capture, He said that it made him feel like a superhero.

This animation can be found in a unreleased Bundle inside of the game, it will be called the Necro Queen Mastercraft Bundle. In the pack you can find Zion Clark’s animation on the Zombie Crawler finisher move. you can check out the bundle HERE.

Thoughts & More

After reading what Zion Clark has gone thru in his life and what he has accomplished despite those drawbacks, does this give you a different outlook on life?

Also will you be looking to pick up the Necro Queen bundle in the store to equip his finishing move?

Sources: Call of Duty Blog

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