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This is WHY You Shouldn’t WORRY About the RICOCHET Anti-Cheat Driver Being Leaked

RICOCHET Anti-Cheat leaked

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Call of Duty and Activision just recently ANNOUNCED their brand new Anti-Cheat called “RICOCHET” that will be coming with the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard on November 5th, coming later to the NEW Pacific Warzone map on November 23rd. You can read more about this anti cheat HERE.

Warzone Ban Hammer


The RICOCHET Anti-Cheat Driver Leaked…

Yesterday, October 14th, early in the morning RUMORS started to swirl around about the new Call of Duty Anti-Cheat “RICOCHET” kernel-level driver’s being leaked. Twitter, Reddit and Cheating Forums started to go crazy, how could the driver for the Call of Duty Anti-Cheat be leaked just one day after it was announced? Who could’ve leaked these drivers to cheat manufactures?

This all comes from a screenshot from a private forum, where a user named “thebigben” posted a screenshot of the supposed RICOCHET Driver. The user by the name of “CynoCoder” replied by asking him how he even go the files already because the Anti-Cheat isn’t even out yet.

RICOCHET Anti-Cheat Driver


Are The RICOCHET Drivers Real?

After the news came out saying the Call of Duty Anti-Cheat RICOCHET Driver was leaked, it lead many people to question if it was even real. It is said that after multiple people with a “Deep level of background in the cheating scene” took a look at it, they confirmed that it was real. Even the driver’s digital footprint on the file says that it was created by “Activision Publishing Inc.” and also that it was last modified back on “Thursday, September 30th”.


Should You be WORRIED or NOT.

After knowing the FACT that the RICOCHET Driver was leaked to cheating manufactures, the real question is, should you be worried? Well earlier today on Friday, October 15th, the Call of Duty twitter account tweeted out an update on the RIOCHET Anti-Cheat. In the tweet they mention that the RICOCHET Anti-Cheat is in “..Controlled live testing.”, and that the testing includes a “..pre-release version..” of the driver to select third parties.

The Call of Duty twitter account followed that up with another tweet saying at the end “So yeah, all good.” which is a refreshing thing to hear. These tweets by them seemingly confirm that the RICOCHET Anti-Cheat Driver that is circulating on cheating forums is an old version of the anti-cheat and that there is nothing to worry about because everything is all good.


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