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CoD Vanguard Season 1 & Pacific Warzone Map DELAYED; Dates, Details & More

Pacific Warzone Map Delayed

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Pacific Warzone map has been DELAYED until December 8th for owners of Call of Duty: Vanguard and December 9th for people who don’t, the original dates for the Warzone integration were December 2nd/3rd.

The delay also effects the beginning date for Season 1 for Call of Duty: Vanguard pushing back the content in it until December 8th, this allows extra time to make sure that we get a well polished version.

People can argue whether this a good or a bad thing, but the gaming world is pretty accustomed to delays ever since the pandemic started, but lets go over everything we know.


Pacific Warzone Map Delayed

Pacific Warzone Map Delayed

On December 2nd owners of Call of Duty: Vanguard were supposed to get access to the brand new Caldera Warzone map 24 hours early, unfortunately Activision announced that this will be delayed until December 8th.

Fans of Call of Duty: Warzone are seemingly just waiting for the release of the new map, with many people trying out new games right now because of the stagnation that Warzone has right now.



The new Pacific Warzone map ‘Caldera’ will take place on a tropical island with over 200+ points of interest. We will also be seeing rivers that flow thru a town and new planes which can be flown by players.

All these things should bring the hype back into Call of Duty: Warzone in a time where it needs it the most, but what does this delay mean for Anti-Cheat?


Does this mean RICOCHET Anti-Cheat is Delayed?

Although they did delay Season 1 of Vanguard and the Pacific Warzone integration by a week, Activision DID NOT specify if this will effect the date in which RICOCHET Anti-Cheat will be coming to Warzone.

Judging by the fact that we know the Pacific Warzone map will be featured on an IMPROVED version of the IW8 engine aka the engine that Warzone and Modern Warfare currently run off of, we will seemingly have to wait for RICOCHET.



This is because we will most likely NEED to download a new client to launch the new Caldera Warzone map, because they can no longer host Warzone on the CoD: Modern Warfare launcher because it uses the OLD IW8 Engine.


Vanguard Multiplayer & Zombies Delay

Not only will we have to wait to play the new Caldera Warzone map, we will also have to wait for all the content that was planned for Season 1 of Call of Duty: Vanguard such as new map, guns, gear and the Zombies Easter Egg.



Zombie fans have been waiting for the Main Easter Egg quest which was supposed to become available on December 2nd with the launch of Season 1 after a lackluster launch for the game mode.

Like we stated previously this is probably a good thing for people who are looking for the most polished version possible, delays usually indicate they found game breaking bugs that would create a unpleasant experience for the player.


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