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Key Art for Warzone Season 1 and Vanguard revealed; New Weapons & More

Key Art for Warzone Season 1

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Key Art for Warzone Season 1 and Call of Duty: Vanguard has officially been found inside of the PlayStations data base, the artwork shows the tropical island where the new Pacific Warzone map takes place on.

The start of Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Season 1 is right around the corner with it just recently being delayed until December 8th for people who own Vanguard and the 9th for everyone else.

In the Key Art for Warzone Season 1 and Vanguard you can see the new ‘Caldera’ map with a tropical setting as well as new operators, weapons that will be added with the update on December 8th.

We’ll be going over EVERYTHING that can be seen in the artwork that was revealed:


Key Art for Warzone Season 1 Found

Season 1 key art for Warzone and Vanguard was officially found by @SizePlaystation on twitter after finding a new download in the PlayStation data base which included the key art with it.

The update size for Season 1 will only be three gigabytes with the overall size of Vanguard coming to 40.773 gigabytes on PlayStation systems, this means that Warzone Pacific will most likely not be on the Vanguard application.



People have been discussing over the past week about which application you will need to download in order to play the Warzone Pacific map, this hasn’t been clarified by Activision as of yet but the old Warzone application is set to get a HUGE update.


What does the Key Art show?

Key Art for Warzone Season 1

In the artwork it shows multiple new things coming to Call of Duty: Vanguard including Operators, Guns, Melee Weapons and new POIs for the ‘Caldera’ Pacific Warzone map.



The three new operators that can be seen walking on the beaches of the ‘Caldera’ Warzone Pacific map are named Anna, Lewis, and Francis.

  • New Operator Anna
  • New Operator Lewis
  • New Operator Francis


If you look closely you can also see five new weapons that will be added in the Season 1 update coming on December 8th, those being the M1944 Hyde, Nun-Chucks, PtRS-41 Rifle, Well Gun SMG, and the Barong Escrima Blade.

  • M1944 Hyde
  • Nun-Chucks
  • PTRS-41 Rifle
  • Well Gun Smg
  • Barong Escrima blade


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