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How Weapon Trade Station Works in CoD Warzone; Unlock Challenge & Functionality

Weapon Trade Station

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The weapon trade station is the most recent feature that was added into Call of Duty: Warzone, which is exclusively available on the map Rebirth Island.


This is one of the many features added in the recent update for Season 2 Reloaded which we learned about on March 21st, these features will be unlocked thru community challenges.

Weapon Trade Stations will be scattered around the map allowing players to trade in their weapons to receive something in exchange, whether that’s money, loot boxes or other items.


Complete the Community Challenge

To unlock the brand new features inside of Rebirth Island players must complete community challenges by playing the game.

The challenge to unlock the Weapon Trade Station is by players inside of Rebirth Island getting a combined 20 billion kills.

Once this challenge is completed, Weapon Trade Stations will be added to the map, players now much complete challenges for Radio Towers, Armored Truck Event, & Golden Vaults.


Weapon Trade Station Functionality

This new feature was just added to Warzone in the map Rebirth Island after players in the game completed the community challenge.

Weapon Trade Station

If you are trying to find these in your game simply open up the map and you will see the Weapon Trade Station symbols scattered about.


The station will let you trade in weapons in exchange for multiple items, which can include Self Revives, Munitions Box, Armor Satchels, Specialists Bonus, & much more.

To get the best loot possible out of this new feature you want to find the highest rarity weapon as it will reward better stuff.


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