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Hackers PAID to Stream Snipe TimTheTatMan & Other Streamers

TimTheTatMan Stream Sniped

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Hacking has become a huge problem inside of Call of Duty: Warzone, but luckily an Anti-Cheat called RICOCHET is coming later this year with the launch of Call of Duty: Vanguard. Just recently a discord server has started putting bounties on large streamers so hackers get paid to stream snipe.

Over the past day news has broke that cheating forums have started to put bounties on larger streamers, hackers get paid to stream snipe large streamers if they get them to switch games or end the stream. For anyone who doesn’t know what stream sniping is, it’s when a player joins the same game as a streamer and looks at the stream to kill them.

People figured out this was happening after someone familiar with the situation put in a streamers chat saying that the hacker got paid to stream snipe creators. He noted that the hacker was able to make around $7,000 after making them log off.

Fifakill Stream Snipe Bounty
Fifakill’s chat exposing cheater

Hackers Paid to Stream Snipe

In a chat of the streamer “FifaKill” someone familiar with the situation stated that a hacker by the name “IHACKFORTHEWIN” got paid to stream snipe popular creators. After the stream FifaKill was able to have a chance to talk to this hacker one on one.

In the conversation it was brought up that the hacker is in a discord where “people PAY to put a bounty on a streamer” he goes on to say that “they snipe them until they give up and end their stream” noting that “the bigger the streamer the more the money”.

Big Streamers Targeted

So now that you know what exactly is going on with hackers being paid to stream snipe creators, you may be asking yourself which creators have been targeted in this scheme so far. Among the people that they have gone for include Mutex, TimTheTatMan, Tommey, Kalei, Symfuhny, Wagnificentt and MANY MORE.

One of the examples being, the cheater IHACKFORTHEWIN joining the popular streamer Mutex’s game and using cheats to kill him with the starting pistol. After this happened Mutex was forced to end the stream which resulted in this cheater making around $7000 USD.

Another example was when IHACKFORTHEWIN was able to stream snipe TimTheTatMan and was actually LIVE BANNED after kill Tim. The following game the same guy came back with a brand new account and stream sniped him once again.

  • Fifakill
  • 100T Tommey
  • FaZe Kalei
  • Mutex
  • TimTheTatMan
  • Symfuhny


Personally I think its pretty crazy how low these hackers and cheating forums can go, but I have to ask if someone is OFFERING $1,000+ for you to stream snipe a creator would you be willing to do it?

Not sure who’s really to blame in this situation, I would probably put more of the blame on the people putting the bounties on the streamers because who can really pass up free money to play a game you already do. Obviously if you are using cheats to do it you aren’t any much better then the people setting the bounties.

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