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Golden Gun Cheats provider SHUT DOWN by Activision ahead of RIOCHET Anti-Cheat

Golden Gun Cheats shut down

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Golden Gun Cheats has officially been SHUT DOWN by Activision just ahead of integration of the Pacific Warzone map ‘Caldera’, which will be seeing the introduction of RICOCHET Anti-Cheat kernel-level driver.

Although the Integration of Caldera Warzone map has been delayed which also delays the RICOCHET Anti-Cheat kernel-level driver, it seems as if Activision is stepping up against cheat providers to protect the players.

Players of Call of Duty: Warzone have been dealing with a cheating pandemic inside of the free-to-play game for the past year and Activision has just issues a cease and desist order against Golden Gun Cheats.

So lets talk about what this means for Golden Gun Cheats and the future of the Call of Duty franchise.


Gold Gun Cheats SHUT DOWN

On Friday afternoon, news broke that the popular cheat provider known as Golden Gun made an announcement pertaining to the future of their services & why they are no longer able to provide cheats.

In the announcement made on the Golden Gun Cheats discord server, they noted that they will no longer be providing cheats for the Call of Duty franchise & any product published by Activision after receiving a cease and desist order.



Gold Gun Cheats also stated that this has nothing to do with the RICOCHET Anti-Cheat and that this is entirely a legal issue that Activision brought upon them, relating to them breaking the Terms of Service for Call of Duty.


What is a Cease and Desist?

Cease and Desist Order

A cease and desist order is a written notice demanding that the recipient immediately stop an illegal or allegedly illegal activity, this may be an order or injunction issued by a court or government agency or a letter from an attorney.



In the case of Golden Gun Cheats they will have to stop providing cheats immediately as well as destroy any versions of the cheat that they may be in possession of within a set amount of time, usually in 15 days of getting the notice.

It’s also possible that they would have to provide how much revenue that they made from the cheats, failing to abide to the cease and desist order could result in a massive law suit by Activision which is a multi-billion dollar organization.


Why not send Cease & Desist to ALL cheat providers?

Golden Gun Cheats

You may be wondering why Activision doesn’t send a cease and desist order to all the other cheat providers that are distributing cheats to be used inside of the Call of Duty franchise.



More then likely Gold Gun Cheats was not the only cheat provider to receive a cease and desist order by the multi-billion dollar corporation, the only issue is that depending on where the cheat provider is located they could easily ignore the notice.

Best example being that the popular cheat provider known as Engine Owning is located inside of Brazil, so it is very hard for Activision or any game developer to bring legal action against them.


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Source: Investopedia | @MavriqGG

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