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Engine Owning being SUED by Activision for Millions; Largest cheat provider

Engine Owning

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Engine Owning a very popular Call of Duty cheat provider has just been issued a lawsuit by Activision seeking what could end up to be millions of dollars in damages caused by the cheats.

Call of Duty: Warzone has been under attack by hackers for the last year and a half so Activision responded by creating RICOCHET Anti-Cheat which has just launched recently inside of the game.

Although the Anti-Cheat doesn’t catch 100% it still does a pretty good job as your likely hood to running into a cheater is much lower then it used to be.


Engine Owning getting sued

Tuesday afternoon Activision Publishing filed a lawsuit in the State of California against the cheat provider Engine Owning who is based inside of Germany.


The lawsuit seeks to “..put a stop to unlawful conduct by an organization that is distributing and selling for profit numerous malicious software products designed to enable member of the public to gain an unfair competitive advantage.”

In the lawsuit it also notes that Activision is entitled to the maximum statutory damages in the amount of $2,500 per a violation of the law, meaning every cheat they sold is $2,500 in damages.

If you do the math there, assuming they have sold at least 100,000 copies of cheats, that amounts to a whopping $250,000,000.


What happens next?

You may be wondering what happens now that they are getting sued, in the lawsuit it seeks to require the Defendants (Engine Owning) to shut down operations of the cheating software.


So basically they will have to go to court and plead their case to the court, if they succeed in doing so Engine Owning will have to pay Activision all the money that is owed and shut down their services.

They will also need to hand over all copyrighted materials to Activision and pay for the all the attorneys fees, as well as provide all sales data.


How do they sue a German based company?

A lot of people are saying that Activision cant sue them because they are based inside of Germany, but they outlined in their lawsuit that they obtain payments from a company within the United States.

They also noted that one of the companies that Engine Owning does business with is inside the same exact state that Activision does business within which is the State of California.


Activision Suing Engine Owning

Since they do business with someone within the US they will most likely have success in bringing this lawsuit into a courtroom and winning.


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