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CoD: Vanguard Snoop Dog Operator revealed by Dataminers; possible 4-20 release

Snoop Dogg in Vanguard

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With the release of Season 2 in Call of Duty: Vanguard & Call of Duty: Warzone right around the corner, data miners have revealed that famous rapper Snoop Dogg is being released as an Operator in the game.

Now that Season 2 is set to begin on February 14th, in the meantime, fans are eagerly waiting for all the content & bug fixes coming to Vanguard & Warzone.

Although the Roadmap has been released, it seems to not include multiple cosmetic bundles that will be released in the Season, one of which is the Attack on Titan bundles which includes the Armored Titan skin for the Rolan Operator.

Early this morning the community got to get a sneak peek at the Rappers’ Snoop Dogg operator/skin after @Hydra9114 found it in the game, coming to Vanguard sometime in the near future.


Snoop Dogg Operator in Vanguard

Multiple reliable leakers have tweeted about Snoop Dogg coming to Call of Duty, but the BEST leaker @ZestyC0DLeaks quoted one of his friends, which shows the Rapper in Vanguard & Warzone.

In the leaked picture of Snoop Dogg, you can see him wearing a WW2-styled trench coat, as well as what looks to be an MP-40 build from JGOD.

Anyone who has been a Call of Duty fan for a long time will probably remember that Snoop Dogg was featured inside of Ghosts as a Voice Pack, so this isn’t his first rodeo in the franchise.

Earlier on when the rumors started to circulate about Snoop in the files of the game, people thought it would be another Voice Pack, but the stinky leaker @TheGhostOfHope clarified that it would be an Operator in Vanguard.


When will it Release

Although no specific release date has been revealed for the Vanguard operator bundle, many people are speculating that it could come out on 4/20 aka the National Green Plant holiday.


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