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CoD: Competitive player caught cheating against Optic Gaming

Competitive player caught cheating

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With the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard on November 5th, competitive players have started to compete in tournaments in anticipation for the next season of the Call of Duty League.

On Sunday the 7th a tournament with a prize pool of $7,000 was hosted where multiple well known Call of Duty teams participated inside of it, such as Optic Gaming, Atlanta Faze, 100 Thieves and more.

During the tournament a competitive player by the name of ShivGTK was caught using cheats while playing against the CoD Pro Scump and the new Optic Dallas team.

Competitive player caught cheating


Competitive Player Caught Cheating

The streamer and competitive player Shiv was playing in the $7,000 tournament when him and hi unknown team surprisingly beat the upcoming CDL Optic team 3-2, so players and viewers decided to start investigating.

Although Shivs POV on his stream seemed to be just fine and didn’t indicate any cheats, if you take a close look at his monitor cam at the top right of his stream you can see him using wall hacks as a white name tag is seen thru the wall.



After this happened his team was subsequently disqualified from the Search & Destroy tournament, shortly after people started to chime in and start roasting him.


Community Reacts to Cheater

The popular Call of Duty: Warzone streamer and part Co-Owner of Faze Clan known as Nickmercs decided to chime in by saying that the “CoD S&D community is by far the worst group he’s been apart of”.

He then goes on to say that it is “Home to some of the dirtiest little creatures on the internet” and that you should steer clear because they will do anything for a quick buck.



A popular Call of Duty League news account tweeted out the video of scump where he said that Shiv and his team better not try cheating unless they want their careers to be ended.

INTELCallofDuty  says in the tweet as a joke that the Greenwall aka the fanbase of Optic is better at catching cheaters then the new RICOCHET Anti-Cheat.


ShivGTK Leaks List of Alleged Cheaters

Later into the night Shiv the competitive player caught cheating decided that if he was getting taken down, that he wasn’t going down alone, so he decided to post a list of people that he says have been using hacks since Black Ops Cold War.

Although he posted this list, he doesn’t really back it up with any substance or evidence, so you may want to take it with a grain of salt. But if people on this list start getting exposed don’t be too surprised.

The community later goes on to call him the SixNine of the Call of Duty Search and Destroy community, and started to make memes of the list that he posted.

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