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Disney and Activision bringing Captain America crossover in Vanguard – 2022

Captain America Crossover in Vanguard

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Captain America crossover in Vanguard is seemingly coming the Call of Duty franchise in 2022 as Disney is in talks with Activision to bring a great deal of content for fans of the series to collect and use in the game.

Crossovers are very common in the gaming industry, and this is where Fortnite has been shining for the past couple years after having at least 50+ collaborations with big series such as Rick and Morty, Batman, Star Wars, Dead Pool and more.

Call of Duty is looking to get into the action of Collaborations this year as multiple things have recently been leaked that will be coming to the game, such as Attack on Titan crossover that was leaked in the files of Vanguard.

Adding these crossovers to Call of Duty will bring life back into the franchise after a lackluster year of Black Ops Cold War.

Captain America Crossover in Vanguard

Captain America Crossover in Vanguard

Credible Leakers have noted that we will soon be seeing a crossover inside of Call of Duty: Vanguard where we will be seeing Captain America as a playable character in the game.



Activision has been supposedly been in talks with Disney to obtain the IP rights to put Captain America crossover in Vanguard, the most recent Call of Duty in the franchise.

Keep in mind that this is stuff that is probably still in the works and could be possible that we don’t see it come to the game at all, but after a leak in the files of the game it’s looking pretty promising.


Vanguard Files Confirm Crossover

Information has been found inside of the files of the game that seemingly confirm that the Captain America crossover is a very likely to be coming to Vanguard.

In the files you can find a Calling Card with the name ‘S4_PLAYERCARD_AH_SET_CAPTAINAMERICA_01’ with a picture of a German soldier holding a round shield with a read insignia on it.

We are not exactly sure of the release date of this yet but, look for a release date in the next couple of month considering the files are already in the game and usually aren’t added until near release.


Indiana Jones Crossover in Vanguard

In the leak it was also said that Activision is in talks with Disney to acquire the IP right to the popular adventure movie series character Indiana Jones.



This would probably end up being another Operator Bundle along with the Captain America crossover which will likely feature one as well, these collaborations will bring some excitement to the Call of Duty franchise.

Indiana Jones Crossover in Vanguard

Although we haven’t seen any files in the game to suggest this Indiana Jones crossover is legitimate, we could still be seeing it in the Call of Duty: Vanguard later in the year.

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