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Call of Duty League is in SHAMBLES as Nadeshot & Hecz discuss their displeasure

Nade & Hecz discuss Call of Duty League

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The Call of Duty League is the official organization for competitive Call of Duty which is composed of 12 teams of 4 players each, as well as a few back up players and content creators.

Call of Duty League

Recently the league has been getting extreme backlash for the lack of support for the competitive scene inside of Call of Duty: Vanguard as well as promises that were made to CDL Owners that have not been met.


Well known names such as Nadeshot & Hecz are among the people who spoke out against Activisions handling of the Call of Duty League, they both have went of rants discussing their distaste for the state of competitive.


Call of Duty League Promises Fell Short

Hecz recently went on the OpTic Podcast where they have Scump and other members of OpTic Gaming talking about Call of Duty and other topics, In this episode Hecz talks about promises that Activision made to him.


In exchange for $25 million, Activision would allow teams into the CDL, along with that they also made promises to Hecz and other League owners. In the podcast they discuss the promises that were made.

He goes on to say that “…We are an afterthought” & “..Two years ago when this thing launched… I was told we were gonna have League Play because it’s important.” He goes on to say that they are afterthoughts over and over again.

This really makes you wonder how Halo can launch a league that costs no money to join and be 10x more supported in the competitive space then Call of Duty is.


Nadeshot Talks Distaste in CDL

In a recent thread of tweets from 100 Thieves CEO Nadeshot, he talks about his distaste for the Call of Duty League & how he pleaded to the board of directors for 100 Thieves to enter back into the Call of Duty competitive scene.


He goes on to say that they should give the community what they want & to trust him, stating “…Just trust me and I’ll make sure LA Thieves is a success two years later…”, he then says “…I guess I’m the fool.”

In previous tweets he says that Call of Duty has the most entertaining, outspoken & personable players out of any Esport, & is confused because the League said that they can’t compete together on stream until February.

Although this isn’t a good look for the Call of Duty League, Nadeshot & Hecz stated that it’s not only on the League to grow the scene but it’s also up to the players to create content that attracts people.


Players NOT Doing Enough

Not only is it up to the League to grow the audience but according to Nade & Hecz it is also up to the players to create content that will draw interest into the League and make the audience bigger.

In a Twitch stream they both talk about what they think needs to change, Nadeshot says that “The players aren’t giving anyone anything to care about…” also noting that “I agree to a certain extent that players shouldn’t have to stream while their scriming…”

Hecz adds on by saying “Everything that we do now is for future players to be able to say ‘I’m a competitor only’..” as well as “For this thing to be existent in the future, we have to create those storylines…”


What’s the Solution?

In the end of the day we all have a passion for Call of Duty, so the question is how do we fix the Call of Duty League so that it will be there for years to come for future generations.

My personal opinion is that there needs to be more of a focus from developers on the competitive aspect of the game while at the same time competitive players need to create content that will grow the audience.

Back in the Black Ops 2 days the ONLY reason in my opinion that competitive was so huge is because of content that was made around the game, If I didnt stumble apun a Nadeshot video when I was 14 I would’ve never been interested.


Let us know what you think over on out twitter page – @WarzoneQG


Image Credits: Esports Insider


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