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ALL Keycard Locations in Rebirth Island on CoD Warzone; Perseus, Kivhor, & Forgotten

Keycard Locations on Rebirth Island

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Hidden Keycards were added to Rebirth Island Reinforced as part of the Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2 Reloaded update which recently came out.


Everything regarding Season 2 Reloaded was released on March 21st, which included massive updates to Rebirth Island, which included new POIs, and more.

Along with these new locations on the map, they also added some new Easter Eggs which grant players a good amount of valuable loot to help you win the game.


Vikhors Keycard Location

If you’re looking for a way to get a loadout drop within the first 60 seconds of the game every time, this keycard is for you.

Vikhor's Keycard on Rebirth Island

Keycards can be taken to the Stronghold building, Vikhors Keycard can be found at the bottom of headquarters.

Stronghold contains a room with 3 locked security boxes, the Vikhor security box will grant you a Loadout Drop Marker and $8,000.


Forgotten Keycard Location

This one probably gives you the best loot out of the 3 keycards, but get ready to run from one side of Rebirth Island to the other.

Forgotten Keycard on Rebirth Island

To get the Forgotten Keycard, go to the bottom of Bioweapons Lab & Interact with the show, after you do this the card will pop out.

Take this to the security box on the right side & it will give everyone on your team a Specialist Bonus, Loadout Drop, & Munitions Box.


Perseus Keycard Location

For anyone who is attempting to go for a high-kill game, this may be the right keycard for you to go after.

Perseus Keycard on Rebirth Island

The Perseus Keycard can be found on a shelf inside an office building right next to the Nova 6 Factory.

After taking this to the Stonghold, you can open the security box to the left & it will grant you an Advanced UAV as well as $10,000.


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