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Activision acquires Digital Legends for New COD: Mobile Game (2021)

Digital Legends Studio

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Activision has recently announced that they acquired the mobile game developer Digital Legends. With the success of Call of Duty: Mobile, Activision seems to be venturing further into the mobile gaming space.

Following the release on October 1st, 2019, Call of Duty: Mobile made a whopping $215 million USD in one years time. With this amount of success you can’t just ignore it, mobile gaming is something that is here to stay.

Digital Legends is a reputable game developer responsible for multiple popular online mobile games, the Barcelona based company was founded in May of 2001.

Here’s what we know about the mobile game studio & why Activision acquired them.

The Respawnables
The Respawnables Cover Art

Digital Legends Background

Digital Legends is a Developer that specializes in mobile games, they are responsible for the Karisma Engine. Which solves the problem of enabling the content across different smartphone platforms and at the same time, empowers the unique features of the device itself.


The game studio is responsible for multiple mobile games that had some massive popularity behind them, here’s a list of games that you may recognize.

  • The Respawnables
  • Respawnable Heroes
  • Battlefield Bad Company 2
  • MiCoach Adidas Apps
  • After Pulse
  • 10+ More Games


Call of Duty Mobile
Call of Duty: Mobile

AAA COD Mobile Title

Activision acquired the studio Digital Legends to help support a new unannounced mobile title within the Call of Duty universe. The President of Activision stated that Digital Legends is a “incredible team of development pros” and that he “couldn’t be more excited to welcome them to the team”.


Head of Mobile at Activision said that “Digital Legends’s tenure developing highly-polished mobile titles is unparalleled”. He later goes on to say that they are building a world-class mobile development roster of talent and teams.

CEO & Founder of Digital Legends said “The addition of our team with years of expertise in high-quality mobile titles…” and that they “…will only bolster Activision’s growing mobile talent pool.”

  • Unknown Call of Duty: Mobile Title
  • Support Studio


Sources: Digital Legends

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